Newbie Here!

This is the first time I have started a blog on something so I’ll probably make a few blunders here and there early on before getting the hang of it.

Anyway, this is something I’ll do to pass the time while I’m standing on crossroads, trying to figure out which direction to take with my life (thanks Google Images for the picture below).


Hello Kindred Strangers will combine my love (or should I say addiction?) to travelling, photography (the pictures on future blogposts are taken by me, unless noted otherwise) and haiku poetry. However, I may sprinkle it with other kinds of stuff from time to time, and I may not always stick to formula. Please note that if I mention any place that doesn’t sound familiar to you, feel free to Google it so you could find out about it and the context I’m speaking from when describing the photo.

I’d like for you to give this blog a shot. If you don’t like it, no need to go back. However, if you like it enough feel free to save the link, follow my blog (for all you WordPress users), and recommend it to people you think will be interested. So stay tuned for future posts. Ciao!


5 thoughts on “Newbie Here!

  1. I’m looking forward for more of your posts here. You have an eye for photography and a great writing ability. Keep it up.

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