Kuta Cowboys

Kuta Cowboys

I’ve heard so much
about Kuta Cowboys
seducing Western women

who are on holiday
on the very beaches
they roam in Bali.

Going around Kuta’s
beaches, I strained
myself to find them

and I could not find
any of them around.
I began to think it

was all hype until
my friend and I
decided to check out

Legian Road, and man
did we find a whole lot
of them hanging around,

mingling with, and picking up
Western women. I
was actually glad

they’re still there doing
their thing, but I also
was wishing and hoping

there are places in
my country that had
such a scene too

to prove it can be
fun not just for men
but also for women.

Hopefully some people
are already making
it happen at home.


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