One Month Anniversary

How time flies! It was only a month ago when I started hellokindredstrangers, and now here I am with exactly 40 posts of pics and ink polaroid-style haikus. With this in mind, I decided to celebrate the anniversary by allowing my readers to pick their favorite post so far. 

Please state your opinion by commenting on this post. Mention the entry name and why you like it best. I’d love to hear feedback so I know what kind of entries my audience enjoy so I can try and feature a bit more of them in the future. 😉 

Having a one month anniversary also increased the urge to add more to my profile (which quite a lot of you may find a bit spartan), as well as publish more posts that deviate a bit from the usual to keep things interesting. I’ll do my best to work on those things but I can’t promise them soon while I’m quite busy with other things at the moment. With that in mind, please also note it’s unlikely I would post anything (whether ordinary or different) after this entry until at least sometime next week – but then again you may never know. We’ll see. 😛 

Anyway, please stay tuned for more updates from my blog. Thank you to everyone who’s subscribed to and/or read my blog. I hope to see you guys stick around and enjoy future posts. Ciao! 


4 thoughts on “One Month Anniversary

  1. My favorite pic is “Exploring More of Batanes” which you posted on April 25th. However, there are lots of others I love as well

  2. earlier on, my favorite was ‘masbate hillside’. as of today, i love a lot of other pictures you posted but, the ‘bohol’ photo catches my eye for its vivid green color.

  3. i also like fundacion pacita and the rice farmer…great photos taken naturally without much airbrushing.

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