River of Life

[Note: Picture was taken in Krabi’s Than Bok Khoranee National Park]

In a body of
water called the
River of Life,

a large tree lies uprooted.
Talk about an


A Port in Krabi

A Port in Krabi

It surely can’t be
an accident
Krabi’s authorities

picked that place
near Ao Nang Beach
for their tourist boat port.

Infinity Pool Breeze

Infinity Pool Breeze

The sea breezes blowing
through the area of
my hotel where the

infinity pool is a
nice relief from the
heat of Penang’s streets.

Chinese New Year... In China!

Chinese New Year… In China!

It’s good to see
the inventors of

still going at it!
Chinese New Year
celebrations can be

found almost everywhere,
but seeing it in
China is something else.

Puyi's Tragedy

[Note: Picture taken in Changchun’s Museum of the Imperial Palace of the Manchus; Puyi’s wax figure sits on the gold-studded chair]

Puyi’s Tragedy

Poor Puyi! He spent
his whole life being
someone’s puppet.

I wouldn’t be surprised
if such an existence
took its toll on him.

Jilin City Rail Station

Jilin City Rail Station!

I will never forget
this place because
it’s the only indoor

location where I shivered
even when wearing
five warm layers.

Harbin's St. Sophia's Catherdal

St. Sophia’s Cathedral in Harbin

I love how this place
harks back to Harbin’s
Russian past,

both on the outside
and on the inside
with its photo display

depicting the
Harbin that existed
before World War II.

Oppa Harbin Style!

Oppa Harbin Style!

I would laugh my head
off if that giant
snow sculpture of

Psy came to life
and danced his hit
song in Harbin’s streets.

Cool Thermometer!

Cool Thermometer!

I don’t know if I’ll
ever see another
thermometer like the

one I saw in the
Harbin Snow and Ice
Festival early this year.

Russian Maiden In Harbin

Russian Maiden In Harbin

There is this large
snow sculpture in
Sun Island on display

for the Harbin Snow
and Ice Festival
I find myself enthralled with.

It has no name
and people have all
kinds of theories about it.

Some speculate about
the site of Harbin being
home to beauties,

others say it’s about
the history of Russia’s
involvement there.

I’m inclined to believe
the latter, when I look
closely at the face

of the woman
being depicted
in the sculpture.